Community benefits from drums for garbage disposal in Moatize

To ensure the cleanliness and allow a better management of solid waste, Vulcan, offered on February 9, 136 drums for waste disposal to the Municipal Council of the City of Moatize.

This is an initiative that will benefit the local community and is part of a project called “Vulcan Reuse” which aims to reuse various materials used in the mine, as explained Gabriela Dava, Social Development Analyst.

“We want to contribute to taking care not only of our communities, but also of the environment. We will continue to work always in partnership with the City Council,” Dava pointed out.

Likewise, the President of the Moatize Municipal Council, Carlos Portimão thanked Vulcan for their support and called for the following:

“That Vulcan continues to participate with us in this struggle. We recognize that the company helps our town to grow,” said Carlos Portimão.

In addition to the supply of drums, Vulcan has organized regular cleaning days for the collection of solid waste in the city of Moatize, with emphasis on places of greater agglomeration of people, such as markets and bus terminals.

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