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The Moatize Coal Mine is present in the coal industry, an essential input for the transformation of iron ore into steel, and produces essentially two types of coal:

Metallurgical Coal:
Used in the manufacture of steel, it is the focus of our operations and projects, and is our main global export product.

Thermal Coal:
Also produced by our operations, it is used to generate heat and power in thermoelectric plants.


Our operation is open pit, the method of coal extraction is mining sequence with considerable the video of the production process at the Moatize Coal Mine

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The mine

The Moatize Coal Mine Concession is located 17 km northwest of Tete City along the Zambezi River, 180 km southwest of the Cahora Bassa Reservoir and 80 km south of the border with Malawi (view on Goolge Maps). 

The Mine is one of Vulcan’s main assets in the coal area, and presents differentials that place it in evidence in the world market, with estimated reserves of 1.9 billion tons and a great potential to generate metallurgical and thermal coal. The Moatize Mining Concession has an area of about 25,000 hectares.


Coal processing plant

The coal processing plant boasts an annual capacity of 22 million tons of raw coal. From this raw coal, it produces both metallurgical and thermal coal through its processing methods.

22 million

tons of raw coal per year

4000 tons

The plant is comprised of four modules, each capable of feeding 1,000 tons of coal per hour, for a total capacity of 4,000 tons per hour.

60% water recycled

60% of the water used in the plant’s operations is recycled;

50 sprinkler systems

Sprinkler system to avoid particulate emissions.



To carry out productive activity, Vulcan counts on state-of-the-art technology, which includes equipment of various types and functions, namely: excavators, off-highway trucks, wheel loaders, auxiliary equipment such as crawler tractors, tire tractors, motor graders, drilling machines, tanker trucks, among others.

CAT 797F Off-Highway Truck: This is one of the largest mining trucks and is present at our mine in Moatize. It has the capacity to carry up to 364 tons of nominal payload. This truck uses the biggest tire in the world with 4 meters in diameter (Height). Its fuel tank has a standard capacity of 3785 liters and a power of 4000 HP. 15m long, 9.7m wide and 7.7m high. When loaded, the truck weighs 623 tons.

Off-road truck CAT 793D: trucks that transport 240 tons.

Hitachi EH5000ac Off-Highway Truck: The largest truck produced by Hitachi. It has the nominal capacity to carry 296 tons per trip.

Caterpillar 6090 FS Excavator: It is the largest hydraulic excavator in the world, reaching a load of 93 tons in each bucket pass.

Other loading machines:

  • Hitachi EX8000
  • Hitachi EX5500
  • Komatsu PC8000
  • Komatsu PC5500
  • Le Tourneau L2350
  • Le Tourneau L1850
  • Volvo EL950

The main loading and transport equipment supported by auxiliary mine infrastructure equipment, from bulldozers, motor graders and water sprinkler trucks to keep the access routes humidified, thus reducing the emission of particulates.


Main markets

Vulcan’s investment enables cost-competitive coal supply to major global markets such as India, the United Arab Emirates and South Korea. The transport of coal is guaranteed by an entire logistics process with an iron port system that facilitates exports to the main markets through the group’s logistics company, Nacala Logistics.

Over 40 customers globally // Over 30 seaborn and markets // Quality customer – base including cement and thermal power // Over 20 long- term and sticky customers



The coal operation has an integrated logistics chain that includes rail and port through Nacala Logistics, a rail-port company, responsible for managing the Nacala-à-Velha Multipurpose Port Terminal and the 1,600 km of the railway system (Nacala port – Cuamba with the two branches Cuamba- Entre-Lagos and Cuamba-Lichinga and Nacala-à-Velha – Moatize, passing through Malawi).

Our services are coal logistics, general cargo, passenger transport and port operations at the port of Nacala-à-Velha.

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