Us in the community

Us in the community

Changing lives

Vulcan seeks to establish a relationship that includes the various actors in society and builds a network of partnerships with the aim of contributing to the development and economic sustainability of the communities where it operates, thus generating long-term value for the entire production chain.

  • Promotion of dialogue and understanding, through engagement and relationship with communities;
  • Restoring the livelihoods of communities, to mitigate impacts resulting from the implementation of the mine;
  • Fostering income generation and social inclusion of households, as a way of supporting local development;


Around 1200 families benefit from training activities at the Fazenda Modelo, located in the Cateme resettlement, where the families benefiting from this project are taught block production and horticultural techniques in demonstration plots and home gardens.

Certified seeds, technical assistance to producers, production tools, and mechanized tillage are provided.

Objective: The geographical area of Mine – Moatize Villages and Cateme is the focus of a project involving the hiring of agricultural companies to provide inputs, technical assistance, offtake agreements, and geographical mapping to farmers, to be carried out with their own staff.

Beneficiaries: 1,523 beneficiaries

Going further

Recognizing the crucial role of women and girls for the development of the community, in this sense the program aims to encourage the continuity of girls’ studies in secondary school and reduce dropout through training in vocational courses such as micro-finance, entrepreneurship, cooking, cutting and sewing for their empowerment and development of small businesses to supply the basic needs of their studies.

The program covers about 300 girls living in Moatize town and Cateme resettlement. With the support of “Going further” girls who had dropped out returned to school.

Objective: The project provides support to local development and community relationships in the Mine – Moatize Village and Cateme and Zobwe Districts, focusing on educating schoolgirls about entrepreneurship, menstrual health, and distributing reusable menstrual kits, with the aim of reducing school dropout rates and promoting re-integration into secondary school.

Beneficiaries: 400 Girls

Job Market Preparation Program (JMPP)

In order to train young residents in Tete in interpersonal and technical skills, so that they are able to enter the labor market or undertake in their businesses, Vulcan is implementing the Program for Preparation for the Labor Market (PPMT). We expect that until July 2023 more than one thousand youngsters will benefit from these trainings, from this number about 350 youngsters are already prepared for the job market.

The objective: The project, focused on supporting local development and community relationships, will provide training to local community members in soft skills and technical skills for employment and entrepreneurship, as well as establish a local workforce database.

Beneficiaries: 1000 Youth beneficiaries

Water supply

The project aims to ensure the availability of potable water in all communities in Moatize and Cateme, through construction and maintenance of water supply systems.In 2022 we carried out the delivery of water supply systems to the communities of Phonde, Chipasse, Matabanhama, Calambo, Bwambwe, Ntchenga, Mphándwè, 1º de Maio, Bagamoyo and Nhanchere.

An action that benefits about 40 thousand people and will benefit more, because we will continue to invest in these systems so that more drinking water will reach more people.

The objective: The project, focused on risk and impact management, will hire companies to build boreholes, maintain independent water supply systems, enlarge the water system of FIPAG, and provide water through tanker trucks to communities in Trecho Sul, neighborhoods in Moatize, and Cateme.

Beneficiaries: 42,000 People


Several families are supported in the production of chickens, an activity that helps them generate income. The families are provided with technical assistance, a poultry input kit, equipment, and means of transportation for the materials to build the poultry houses. Each producer benefits from two lots with 250 chicks each, and the revenue from sales is used to enhance the beneficiary’s productive capacity.

Beneficiaries: 120 Families

Go by bike

Through the mobility project “Vai de Bike”, which aims to facilitate commuting and transport in the communities, we have distributed more than 4000 bicycles and installed 15 bike workshops in 9 communities (Cateme, Cateme Sede, Ntenga, Matambanhama, Calambo, M’phandwe, Phonde, Catete, and Bairro 25 de Setembro).

The workshops help young people to become entrepreneurs, through the creation of bike businesses, in order to empower their self-support, and at the same time ensure the maintenance and durability of the bicycles.

Beneficiaries: 2700 Families

Orphanages – Mão Amiga

Orphanages is a beautiful Vulcan project that consists of supporting orphanages and old age shelters in terms of promoting health and well-being, through social actions that can contribute to improving the living conditions of vulnerable people in Tete.

Objective: The project, focused on supporting local development and community relationships, will operate in Mine – Moatize City and Tete Province, aiming to support children and elderly in vulnerable conditions, strengthen institutional relationships, ensure good living conditions, and develop income generation activities. The implementation will involve government, municipality, and community leaders as partners/suppliers. A total of 5 orphanages have been mapped, with 2 currently covered and 3 planned to be covered.

Beneficiaries: 354 Children and Elderly

Cattle breeding

We provide technical assistance to cattle breeders, facilitate sanitary treatment, cattle marking, and support the supply of veterinary inputs for the pharmacy. Additionally, we support the construction of common use infrastructure for livestock.

Beneficiaries: 218 Creators