About us

Vulcan Mozambique, a global mining company, demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability and community well-being through one of Africa’s largest coal mines.

We leverage cutting-edge technology and efficient logistics for operational excellence, upholding recognized sustainability practices to reduce global warming and promote responsible environmental stewardship. As a trailblazer in the mining industry, we aspire to set new benchmarks for excellence and responsible business practices, driven by our unwavering dedication to philanthropic initiatives that foster community development at the heart of Vulcan Group’s values.



Our people

Vulcan is a prominent mining company, known for being the largest employer in Mozambique. We create hundreds of jobs annually, with a focus on opportunities for young people in technical, operational, and administrative roles. As an equal opportunity company, we prioritize diversity, inclusivity, and workplace safety to foster a successful professional career for all.

Our employees are vital to our success, and we value their energy and innovative ideas. Our goal is to cultivate an engaged, talented, and motivated workforce that will drive the growth and success of the company, setting new industry benchmarks for future generations.

vulcan employee
vulcan employee


Career Opportunities

Vulcan’s recruitment process does not include unsolicited job offers, nor does it require advance payments from applicants.

Vulcan will only contact you if you have applied and been shortlisted for a vacancy via the Vulcan Website, Vulcan’s official LinkedIn page or if you have been contacted by one of our authorized recruiting staff or office.


Intern Program

We are committed to developing people. That’s why our program offers interns the possibility to explore, learn and expand business skills such as project management, change management and digital transformation, in addition to technical deepening in our areas of activity.

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