Growing together with the Mambas: Vulcan is an official sponsor of the National Football Team

Under the inspiring slogan “Together to grow with the Mambas”, Vulcan and the Mozambican Football Federation (FMF) initialled a historic sponsorship agreement last Wednesday, 30 April, aimed at strengthening and promoting the development of football in the country. The signing ceremony, held at Campo 25 de Setembro in Moatize, marked the start of a visionary partnership between the two entities, with the main aim of supporting the National AA Football Team – “Mambas”.

The event was attended by various authorities and influential figures, including the Director of the Sports Promotion Fund, Amélia Chavana, representing the Secretary of State for Sport, Carlos Gilberto Mendes, members of the local government, players who play in the main national football league, Chiquinho Conde ˗ the current coach of the Mambas -, former footballing glories, representatives of Vulcan and various members of the Moatize communities.

Speaking about this partnership, Dr Mukesh Kumar, C.E.O of Vulcan, explained the objectives of this ambitious partnership between the two entities.

“In this joint journey, we not only seek to promote professional football at the highest level, but we also aspire to create a lasting impact on the lives of Mozambicans. By investing in the Mambas, we are building a legacy and pursuing progress that transcends the four lines of the football pitch,” said Kumar.

The President of the FMF Executive Board, Faezal Sidat, expressed his conviction in the capacity of this collaboration to promote significant change, saying:

We believe that by pooling our efforts and resources, we can not only strengthen the development of football, but also, contribute to the growth and prosperity of our society as a whole,” Sidat concluded.

Vulcan’s achievement is not isolated, but rather another big step in favour of the growth of national sport, as our company has been carrying out various support actions, such as the Community Sports Project, which covers around a thousand teenagers and young people, support in equipment and sports equipment for local teams, among other initiatives.

Growing together with the Mambas!