Vulcan delivers school desks in Moatize

Vulcan delivered, on March 15th, more than 80 school desks to the district government of Moatize, which were distributed to Escola Primária Oitavadas and Escola Básica da Liberdade. This symbolic delivery of school furniture also served to officially launch a project that aims to rehabilitate and deliver new desks to several schools in Moatize.

To talk about this initiative, representing Vulcan, Agostinho Domingos stated that this project has the direct involvement of community members and in the first phase, around 282 desks were collected to recondition primary schools in Moatize. “We are going to cover other schools so that children can get off the ground and have a decent learning experience”, promised Agostinho Domingos, adding that “the desks are being rehabilitated by community cooperatives, another way of generating some income for young people”, he stressed.

In turn, the Permanent Secretary of the District of Moatize, Júlio Langa, stated that the desks are a great boost for the teaching and learning process, and that this action will contribute to improving the quality of education. “A child who attends classes sitting on the floor does not have the same performance as one who attends classes sitting at a desk. With this support, around 420 students will be removed from the floor”, concluded Langa.

On the same occasion, we spoke with one of the beneficiaries, Tamires da Conceição, from Escola Primária Oitavadas, who, speaking on behalf of the other students, expressed her feeling of gratitude, expressing herself as follows: “First of all, we want to thank Vulcan for this support. We, the students, are committed to keeping the desks as they are an important asset for our learning process”, highlighted Conceição.