Vulcan organises first forum on local content in Moatize for 2024

Vulcan, as part of its strategy to promote local content and share value with stakeholders, held its first annual forum (2024) on local content in Moatize this February, attended by 32 entrepreneurs from Moatize and Tete.

The aim of the meeting was to bring local entrepreneurs closer to Vulcan in order to exchange views on development opportunities and strengthen synergies.

According to the supervisor of the Social Development and Community Relations area, Luís Amudo, this forum. “As well as being the fulfilment of legal requirements established by the Mozambican government, it is above all the unequivocal demonstration that we operate in a sustainable manner and that we are open to sharing value with local communities,” explained Amudo.

Amudo added that, “more forums of this nature could take place, and that entrepreneurs who work or want to work in this value chain could be urged to get involved in the various Social and Corporate Responsibility actions that have been implemented by our company”.

Amadessen Veterano, one of the local businessmen, sees the initiative as a good opportunity for local entrepreneurs. “This is a great time for us to take advantage of existing opportunities in order to help Vulcan become increasingly recognised as a company that supports community development,” said Veterano.

It should be remembered that in Moatize, Vulcan is involved in various social development initiatives, namely water supply and sanitation, food security, support for orphans and the vulnerable, professional technical training for young people, girls’ education, distribution and repair of school desks, poultry farming, agriculture, livestock, among others.