Vulcan makes historic delivery of archaeological artifacts to UEM-FLCS

With a view to safeguarding the historical, cultural and archaeological heritage of the communities surrounding its operations, Vulcan recently delivered 290 ceramic shards found in the concession area to the Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM), specifically to the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology at the Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences (FLCS), in Maputo.

In addition to the ceramic shards, materials were also delivered for the conservation and display of the artifacts in the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology at UEM, such as: shelves, locks, frames, storage boxes, banners, screens and lockers.

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding and delivery of the artifacts was attended by some faculty directors, teachers, students from various courses, as well as representatives from Vulcan.

Speaking about this initiative, Luís Amudo, Community Relations supervisor, explained that the act of safeguarding the historical, cultural and archaeological heritage of the surrounding communities will help in the research and dissemination of scientific articles.

“This is yet another demonstration that Vulcan is a sustainable operator that is committed to respecting the culture and history of local communities and contributing to scientific research,” explained Amudo.

The Director of UEM’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Prof. Samuel Quive, thanked the partnership and hoped that more projects of this kind would be developed together.

It’s great to see institutions like these, which promote the production of knowledge and recognize the importance of the archaeological culture of a country and people. It’s been a long time working together to classify this material and to be able to see it on display here today, which is a source of pride for everyone. Let’s hope it’s the first of many more projects together,” said Quive.