Vulcan launches Productive Support Program for Moatize families

With the aim of increasing agricultural production and productivity, contributing to food security, as well as guaranteeing income generation, Vulcan launched on Monday, August 14th, the Productive Support Program for the Family, which will benefit around 1189 families from the communities of Cateme, Ntchenga and Mphandue, in Moatize.

During the event, several community leaders were present, representatives of Vulcan, as well as the governor of Tete province, Domingos Viola, who on the occasion congratulated our company on the initiative and called on communities to produce “more” to fight hunger.

“Let’s continue to work the land, because of all the problems we have, the main one that we must solve to solve all the others is to have food on the table”, said Viola.

On the other hand, we spoke with Victor Zimba, representing Vulcan, to explain in more detail what this support will consist of.

“For the community of Cateme, 759 hectares (with tractor) of land will be plowed for an equal number of producers. Likewise, they [759 farmers] will benefit from training in new production techniques and certified seeds of maize, sesame, peanuts and other agricultural inputs”, explained Zimba.

Of the 1189 families contemplated, 712 are from the Resettlement of Cateme, 47 from Cateme Sede, 430 from the communities of Ntchenga and Mphandue. In addition to the Productive Support Program for Families, a large amount of work has already been carried out to rehabilitate the Cateme water supply system, schools, health centre, among other infrastructures.