Vulcan Fair promotes the potential of the communities in Moatize


Under the motto “Promoting local potential”, Vulcan  launched last Saturday, June 17, the first edition of the Vulcan Fair. An initiative that seeks to bring the best of Moatize in socio-cultural terms, through the realization of festivals and other events of engagement in the communities surrounding the operations and create a space for interaction and presentation of various initiatives in order to boost the development of Moatize.

During the event, members of the community and government of Tete, leaders of Vulcan and other participants, had the opportunity to delight some dishes of the local gastronomy, dance  to the rhythm of musical performances of successful artists and also held the final of the tournament dand community sport   of football that put   “face to face”the  formations of the Bagamoio Community Club and the Malacha Football Academy.

To talk about this initiative, the representative of the Secretary of State in the Province of Tete, Marcos Almeida, said that the Vulcan Fair represents a unique moment of engagement between the government, communities and the company. “These initiatives allow us to join forces for a common good, which is the development of our communities,” Almeida said

Vulcan within its local development policy, always seeks to establish a relationship of inclusion of the various actors of society and build a network of partnerships that aim to contribute to economic sustainability in the places where it operates.