Vulcan exalts local culture through the Nsambo Wathu Program

As a way of valuing and preserving the habits and customs of the communities, Vulcan held last week, in Bairro Chipanga (September 25 Resettlement), the “Nsambo Wathu” program, which translated into Portuguese means “Our Habits”, which exalts the daily lives of Moatize residents through stories, songs, traditional dances and local cuisine.

During the event, residents of Moatize had the opportunity to see various cultural manifestations presented by the communities, with special emphasis on the demonstration of: stories, songs, traditional dances, local cuisine, and a DSS on conservation and correct disposal of waste conducted by the team from the environment.

At the meeting, Horácio Mbofana, the Secretary of the Chipanga neighbourhood, host of this edition, highlighted the fact that the program manages to bring together generations to address different cultural aspects.

“Events like these keep the community together and this helps in passing on teaching about culture and preservation of the environment, to keep our community clean and disease-free”, he highlighted.

Community resident Eusébio Gouveia believes that the Nsambo Wathu program reflects the reality of community members.

“The program mirrors what life in Chipanga communities is like. Cooking, dancing, stories, among others help young people to better understand our habits and customs, and to perpetuate our culture”, he explained.

The program has been in existence for more than two years, and during this period it has covered more than 24 communities in Moatize.