Laying of the foundation stone for the construction of the Nhamitsatse resettlement neighbourhood

On 4th January, we witnessed a chapter of hope and rebirth: the laying of the foundation stone to give life to the future Nhamitsatse Resettlement Quarter, a house born out of the commitment to improve the community’s living conditions.

The warm presence of the Secretary of State, Elisa Zacarias, and the representative of the Governor of Tete, among other community leaders, echoed the promise of a new era. Estefânio Baute, a local leader, shared the joy of the community, eager for progress that respects all hearts.

The Secretary of State, Elisa Zacarias, celebrated the humanity behind the project and emphasised that: “This neighbourhood is more than houses, it is an embrace of development in our district.”

Leonardo Xerinda, speaking on behalf of Vulcan, recognised the challenges of the resettlement process, pledging to address them in a transparent, collaborative and inclusive way. “We are here to listen, understand and act on the needs and concerns of local communities,” he added.