Agriculture Support Program continues to boost production in Cateme

Vulcan, through its Agricultural Support Program in Cateme, continues to positively impact farmers and at the moment the Program covers a total of 345 families (145 in Fazenda Modelo and 200 in the home gardens) in the locality of Cateme, in Moatize.

Within the Fazenda Modelo, this community has been producing vegetables that include cabbage, lettuce, onions and tomatoes, in an area of ​​8 hectares, where each family has 500 square meters of land to develop their own production.

The community of Cateme is satisfied with the initiative and claims that this support is considerably improving the quality of production and, consequently, the quality of life of the population. “With the training we managed to increase production, which allows us to sell our products and increase our income”, said Joana Cuvizar, one of the farmers covered by the program.

Opinion shared by Carlito Vinte, who is happy and recognizes the importance of the Cateme Agriculture Support Program. “I am very satisfied with the support I receive from Vulcan. Today, through the sale of agricultural products from this project, I manage to pay for the children’s school, and buy other goods”, said Vinte, beneficiary of the initiative.

In the end, Victor Zimba, representing Vulcan, said that in addition to family members receiving a space to practice agriculture, communities have other added benefits. “Farmers also receive technical training (to improve production), production tools consisting of hoes, machetes and watering cans, as well as 400g of seeds comprising 100g of each crop (cabbage, lettuce, onion and tomato)”, concluded Zimba.

Vulcan reinforces that it will continue to support Cateme producers so that they can develop agricultural activity, promoting alternative sources of income and guaranteeing the livelihood of families.